Best Exercises For Weight Gain

Weight gain has a well formed science behind it. People with lack of knowledge are usually scared of gaining weight as they think it is an unhealthy thing and mostly relate it to obesity. Well, having the right weight symbolizes a healthy lifestyle which includes a good amount of nourishment as well as physical activities. For right nourishment, protein is one of the most essential nutrients.

Generally, hard gainers prefer the mass gainer that consists of all the nutrients in blanched amounts. It nourishes muscles after a heavy workout that is good to go.

But a balanced diet, along with supplements and exercises are the ultimate solutions for healthy weight gain. Let’s talk about how hard gainers can build muscles easily.

best exercises for weight gain

How Hard Gainers Can Build Muscles ?

A hard gainer is one who is in bodybuilding but has difficulty in putting on mass. To develop strength, muscle development is needed. For that mass is required as well. It may be due to several factors including high metabolism or lack of proper nutrients or intense training. Lets know the science behind gaining weight first before diving deep.

  • Calorie is one of the most important factors to gain weight and mass.
  • To gain health weight, the source of calorie should be natural
  • Protein, fats, and carbohydrates are great sources of calories
  • Fats offer highest level of calories
  • To gain mass and bulk up muscles need good amount of exercises
  • After exercises, right nutrients for faster muscle recovery is needed
  • Protein along with amino acids can help for faster muscle recovery

To build muscles, there are the best exercises for weight gain. Let’s talk about effective exercises for gaining muscle first.

Best Exercises For Weight Gain:

To bulk up, calorie intake and its use play an important role. Make sure you are not doing any exercise which requires more calories to burn than intake like cardio, running, cycling, and others. Mainly focus on weight lifting for bulk up. Another point is to do full body exercises. Here are some best exercises to bulk up.

  • Squats – Make only 25 rep goals. Once you are able to perform 25 total reps for 3 sets, increase your bar next time.
  • Deadlifts – 15 rep goal. Once you reached 15 total reps for 3 sets. Level up by putting weights for the next time when you deadlift.
  • Bench Press – 25 rep goal with 20 kg. When you reached 25 total reps for 3 sets.  Add more for the next time.
  • Dumbbell Rows – 25 rep goal. Once done, increase.
  • Dumbbell Bench Press – Just like bench press, set the 25 rep goal. When 25 total reps for 3 sets is done. Don’t forget to increase.
  • Barbell Rows – 25 rep goal. When you are able to perform 25 total reps for 3 sets. Now it is time to leverage the weights and your bar as well for the next time you row.
  • Dumbbell Curl – 25 rep goal. Once you have performed  25 total reps for 3 sets. Need to add 5 pounds to the dumbbell. And make sure you are increasing the next time curl.
  • Weighted Situps – 45 rep goal. Try to increase it by 100 in coming training sessions.
  • Calf Raises – 45 rep goal. Once you have done 45 total reps for 3 sets. Increase 10 kg for the next time to perform.

Diet Plan for Bulk up:

Always keep the calorie intake in mind before curating any diet plan, if you want to bulk up. Make sure you are taking the calorie from different nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, and fats in a balanced amount. Though it is always best to take advice from your dietitian, trainer, health expert, before curating the diet plan, here is a standard 7 days diet plan for hard gainers.

  • Day 1

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, mass gainer shake, oatmeal

Lunch: Chicken breast, green leafy vegetables

Snack: Boiled egg(s) sweet potato, and carrot sticks

Dinner: fish with brown rice and green beans

  • Day 2

Breakfast: Mass gainer pancakes with topping of fresh berries

Lunch: lean meat with lettuce,  onion, tomato, and green beans

Snack: protein shake with nuts or apple slices and almonds

Dinner: brown rice with spinach and shrimp

  • Day 3

Breakfast: Greek yogurt with almonds or walnuts and fresh berries

Lunch: whole grain granola, or grilled fish with a spinach

Snack: egg white omelet with bell peppers

Dinner: chicken breast with fresh sweet potato and salad on plate

  • Day 4

Breakfast: Scrambled egg whites, Muesli or oatmeal with berries

Snack: Poultry breast with salads like lettuce, radish, and carrots

Lunch: Protein or mass gainer shake with boiled peas

Snack: Peanut butter with apples

Dinner: fish and curry with brown rice and green salad

  • Day 5

Breakfast: protein or mass gainer shake with muesli or oatmeal

Snack: Salads like cucumbers, carrots with hard-boiled egg whites and sliced peppers Lunch: chicken with white bean

Snack: Greek yogurt with seeds, berries, fruits, and nuts

Dinner: green beans and fish with quinoa whole grain

  • Day 6

Breakfast: Berries, granola (whole grain) with Greek yogurt

Lunch: Turkey breast or a grilled chicken breast with spinach

Snack: protein shake with with seeds, sliced strawberries and almonds

Dinner: Salads, onions, with shrimp stir-fried over brown rice

  • Day 7

Well done ! you have been excellent so far. Now it is time to listen to your taste buds. Yes, day 7 is cheat day. Because your endeavor needs reward. Make sure you are taking ice cream, sweets, and other high sugary things in limited amounts. Fried foods and processed foods are good for one day if you are determined to follow a strict diet plan for the rest of the week.

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