9 Easy Fitness Tips For Women

You might eat healthy foods but to stay fit and active, you need more than that. The importance of workouts can never be ignored if one wants to live a fit and active life. Not only it helps with weight management but also enhances overall health. But, being a working woman, it’s common for you to skip the gym sessions or unable to find time to work out at all. This can take a toll on your health and fitness.

So, what is the solution? Whatever it may be, ignoring and letting it go certainly not the right options. So, in this article, we have tried to help all those awesome hard-working women with their fitness by revealing easy fitness tips they can follow.

These are a few tips for all those women who resolve to be fitter, but with time, lose interest.

Body Fitness Tips For Women

Don’t Make Office Chair Your Home

We know that you work all day seated in your office chair. But that doesn’t mean that you need to glue yourself to it. Keep taking breaks. Stand up from the chair, talk a walk, or simply stretch. Add more activity to your day. You can stand while taking any calls or just walk around.

Prepare Your Meals in Advance

The best way for a woman to get in shape is to eat healthy foods and being physically active. But, a lot of working women struggle with their meals as they don’t get enough time to cook. We know that the busy mornings can force you to leave without cooking and then later binge on processed or junk food, but, with proper planning, you can avoid this. Always prepare your meals in advance. Try to chop the veggies and refrigerate them the night before so that you can easily cook them the following morning. You can also prepare meals in advance that are easily microwavable. Utilize your weekends. This will save you both time and effort.

It’s Time To Ditch Caffeine and Sugar

The exhausting calls and meetings and extended hours of working can tire you out and it’s very common to feed upon multiple cups of coffee to revive yourself. But, it doesn’t matter how much support does coffee offers to you during the 9 to 5 grind, it is certainly not the best option for your fitness goals. Excessive caffeine and sugar intake can infact make you feel fidgety and you can end up feeling too tired to exercise. If you’re feeling dull, just take a walk around the office instead of relying on cups of coffee.

Take a Walk At Lunch

If you want the afternoon slumps to go away, the post-lunch walk is good. You can take a walk around your office during the lunch hour to stay energized and focused. These casual strolls will not only keep you active but can also perk up your mood. You can also replace your meals with some good meal replacement shake such as mass gainers or protein shakes and combine them with a walk.

Carry Your Gym Bag To The Office

No matter how hard you try to convince yourself that you are hitting the gym after office, it goes in vain. The level of exhaustion can often make you miss the gym after office hours and you can end up being at your home, sitting on the couch. Your body demands an easy and comfortable night with no pain, but, your brain realizes that working out is a better option to boost your fitness. So, play smart, and use your mind to bewilder your instincts. Carry your gym bag to the office so that you can straight away head to the gym after your office is over, without any laziness or excuse.

Be Part of Fitness Challenges

Just like you are competitive at your workplace, be the same in your personal life to meet your fitness goals. Make yourself a part of various fitness challenges such as 5k races, marathons, obstacle courses, mud races, triathlons, etc. that keep happening in your city from time to time. You can also take up trending online fitness challenges with your buddies.

Do Desktop Exercises

Even if your job requires you to be seated for prolonged hours, you cannot ignore your health. Find some exercises that can easily be performed while sitting at the desk. Do desktop yoga/exercises. Try stretching your body using the table and be more active. You can find many exercises that can be performed while you are sitting at the desk. The goal is to be active. This also serves as the best way for a woman to get in shape with minimum effort.

Don’t Forget The Main Four

If you can take out just 30 minutes in a day to work out, focus on 4 main exercises- squats, lunges, planks, and pushups. They involve maximum muscles in your body and are intense. They target the general ‘problem areas’ and help you gain strength and stability at a rapid pace when practiced regularly. You can perform 10-12 reps of each and do 2-3 rounds.

Make The Most of Your Daily Activities & Weekends

We know that weekend is the only time when you get to rest and do things that you like. But, instead of being a lazy couch potato on weekends, involve yourself in some fun activities like a super energetic dance routine, Zumba, pilates, yoga, weight training, etc. You won’t have to struggle much to find time for workouts on weekends. Enjoy your daily activities and try to be active. However, do not ignore the rest part as it is equally important for your body to rest properly. You are also going to have time for cooking meals on weekends, so avoid eating junk food and rather have home-cooked meals.

These are some of the easiest fitness tips for working women. You just need to plan smartly and be active to manage your health and fitness goals alongside work. Follow these tips and you shall see a difference.

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