20 Body Fitness Tips For Female To Stay Healthy

Are you a woman who is trying hard to get in shape but doesn’t get time for yourself amidst kids’ and family’s responsibilities? Here are 20 quick daily tips to help you stay healthy and fit all day long.

I understand that being a woman, your responsibilities are not ordinary. At times, we have to work like superwomen day and night, from handling office affairs to taking care of our kids.

And when you confuse staying fit with eating too little, it becomes even more difficult for you to be consistent in your efforts.

Because it’s a common myth that general health and fitness is something that can be achieved only by going on a special diet that lacks taste and important nutrients.

Well, this is not true! You just need one thing and that is- self-commitment!

Here are 20 Body Fitness Tips For Female To Stay Healthy And Active Throughout The Day.

Few of them are very useful for busy moms who don’t have time in the morning. You will not have to eat boring food or starve yourself.

You just have to follow a balanced diet, eat and work out as per your body type, plan your diet and exercise routine and be consistent to fit your body.

1. Don’t Train Like Men

As a woman, your tasks are different from those of men. You make a difference by multitasking, managing the office and home, giving birth to babies, breastfeeding and performing other high responsibilities. Your body also responds differently to things.

And when your potentials are different, you should not train like men as well. Your training should be different. Plan your training strategies knowing about your potential.

2. Modify your fitness routine

Try a new move. Adding variety to your workout save you from boredom and doesn’t seem like a burden. Despite causing boredom, the same type of workout routine stops giving desired results after a certain period.

Body Fitness Tips For Female

3. Take care of workout injuries

According to some pieces of research, women have an advantage over men when it comes to the soreness of muscle. They are less sore than men after a workout. But still, you need to take care of your muscles after workout sessions. Put ice cubes and let them relax.

4. For side stitches

A side stitch or a side cramp is pain under the lower edge of the ribcage that occurs during working out. So, get rid of it quickly. You may try some breathing or other techniques for it. You should take the advice of your doctor or a trainer if the problem persists.

5. Breast exercises

There’s no such thing called spot reduction. You just can’t lose fat on a specific body part while keeping the rest of the body the same. You’ll always lose overall weight.

But still, focus on upper body strength training exercises. They are an excellent way to shape up your breasts, emphasize your beauty, build a positive body image and make your daily tasks easier.

6. Go outdoors

Indoor exercises are good when you are busy but take your time to go outdoors as well. It changes your mood, inspires you to continue with your fitness routine and lets you spend time with nature.

7. Go flexible

It is good to be ambitious when planning your workout & diet strategies. But over-ambition and strict strategies are always hard to follow and make you skip the routine often. If you don’t have time, schedule your workouts at weekends.

8. Try some traditional exercises

body fitness tips for female

They could be like jumping a rope, dancing, rowing, running, power walking, cycling, and kiteflying. As I said above you should keep trying to add variety to your workouts to keep your energy levels high.

9. Don’t be boring

If you don’t feel like gymming at any time, you can try fun exercises, games or outdoor workouts. The list may include horse riding, swimming, mountain biking, badminton, volleyball, basketball, and any of your favourite sport.

10. Take help

Take the help of your trainer if you don’t know when to increase your exercise. Staying safe is more important. Exercise only when you are feeling well.

11. Maintain a gap

There should be a gap of at least 2 hours between the eating time of your main meal and vigorous exercise.

12. Fluids

Drink plenty of fluids both before and after exercising.

13. Healthy seasoning

Add flavour to your food. After a long and tiring day, you want to eat good food that tastes good too. You don’t like to eat healthy and boring food.

So, you can do the healthy seasoning with your food like adding herbs & spices, lemon juice, fruit juice with peppers or healthy snacks (olive oil roasted moon dal) or honey with a handful of dry fruits.

14. Plan your breakfast menu

If you are a working woman, there are some special busy mornings when you don’t even have time to eat breakfast and often leave it on the dining table. Skipping your breakfast makes your body consume muscles and store fat for emergencies.

To avoid this situation, fill your bag with fruits & dry fruits every night to eat them in emergencies while travelling to the office.

15. Protein-rich breakfast

This is one of the most essential body fitness tips for female to lose weight and stay healthy. A woman must eat a proper amount of protein. As it reduces the risk of breast cancer, hot flashes and helps during pregnancy. The protein-rich diet also promotes weight loss.

Therefore, start your day with a protein-rich breakfast. You can go like this: get a combination of 2 protein sources along with 1 carb, or 1 fat source. It will help to aid muscle recovery, refuel your body, fire up your energy, and build a leaner physique.

But be careful and take your protein only from good sources and not from bad carbs.

16. Spice it up

We Indians love spicy food. Don’t we? And you know spices and herbs are great for health. So add spices to your food. But be careful about confusing spicy food with oily unhealthy food.

17. Add variety to your food

As a woman, you need to eat everything. You give birth to babies. Don’t be so crazy to get a zero size figure that you are always ignoring fats and carbs. And do you know all carbs and fats are not equal?

18. Do it wisely

Plan your diet plan according to your body type.

19. Morning drink

Drink green tea or cinnamon tea as your first drink in the morning.

20. Boost your metabolism

As we all know it aids weight loss efforts. A metabolism-boosting diet with the right workout plan is all that you need. This is one of the most essential body fitness tips for female to lose weight and stay healthy.

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